A sample from our Extreme Catfight 1


Website and a new fight coming soon

We´ll have our own website very´ll be able to buy our current releases and future one´s directly from us.

Despite it, we will maintain our clips4sale store open.

We´re also glad to announce that we will release a new catfight soon, please stay tuned.



We´re recruiting ladies for our next releases.

Age over 18 , in good physical shape , based in Europe (for now)  and available to travel.

We will confirm voice and image.

Please check our samples to view the type of fights we produce and if you think you can do it ; please feel free to contact us sending a full body picture, a face picture, your stats ( height, weight ,age) and your availability to travel.

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Social Media

We want to be close to catfight fans, your opinion , comments and ideas mean a lot to us.

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The Girls

The Ladies

Name :  Yasmine 
Age : 28 Y.o.

Country : France

Height : 5´3  (1,60 m)

Weight : 123lb (56kg)

Videos  : " Girl Next Door" , " Extreme Catfight 1"
Name : Paloma
Age : 25 Y.o.

Country : Spain

Height : 5´6  (1,68 m)

Weight : 112lb (51kg)

Videos  : " Extreme Catfight 1"
Name :  Andressa
Age : 20 Y.o.

Country : Brazil

Height : 5´3  (1,61 m)

Weight : 114lb (52kg)

Videos  : " Girl Next Door"

Our Youtube Channel

You can find samples of our videos in our Youtube Channel :

Our Youtube Channel